About Us


We are dedicated to getting patients better, faster.

By choosing treatment at Pacific Therapy Services, we commit to both the patient and their physician a compassionate therapeutic experience yielding exceptional results that benefit everyone.

Our senior staff has worked together more than 30+ years. All of Pacific Therapy’s staff members are committed to professional growth and participate in advanced continuing educational experiences. Staff members have been instructors in numerous continuing education experiences for the therapy community throughout Southern California and at national conferences. Pacific Therapy has both full-time and flexible schedule therapists to meet patient’s scheduling needs.


Pacific Therapy’s goal is to facilitate the maximum potential recovery possible for the patient. As part of therapy, patients complete research tested “functional outcome indexes” to measure the status of the patients recovery.

Physicians will be familiar with some of the indexes used; Oswestery, DASH, or the LE index. Referring physicians, patient’s insurance companies and patients all have the confidence that the therapy care delivered at Pacific is appropriate and has proven effectiveness.