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Our goal is to make every patient and physician appreciative for their choice of treatment at Pacific Therapy. From the start, patients will be greeted by a professional front office staff waiting to guide through your first steps of therapy.

We take care of the details!

• Eligibility and benefit information
• Flexible appointment scheduling
• Insurance claim processing via internal billing department
• Confirmation of Authorization(s) for care

Insurances we accept.

Providers for SeaView IPA, Ventura County HealthCare Plan, Medicare, Worker’s Compensation, and most PPO insurance providers.

Santa Paula


For your convenience, we’ve provided our patients forms on our website. To help expedite your first visit, please download the forms. You can then either fill out on screen and print or print them and then fill out. Bring them with you when you come in for your first visit. If you choose to fill out the patient form packet at our office, please arrive 10-15 minutes before your appointment to allow enough time to get them completed before your appointment.



I have been a patient of Pacific Therapy for approximately 12 years now. At that time I was still swimming competitively and up until that point never experienced a set back in my training or sports activity. I began to have severe pain in my neck with increased lack of mobility and pain that radiated through my arms leaving my hands numb. I was afraid that I would never get better and depressed at not being able to swim and surf at the level I was accustomed to. After first trying sports massage and then chiropractic therapy my condition worsened. X- Rays and an MRI revealed I was suffering from 3 bulging discs in my neck and neurological weakness in my left arm and numbness in both hands. I suffered through these conditions for approximately 2 years before eventually being guided to Pacific Therapy by my physician.
Paul Eddy one of the partners at Pacific Therapy evaluated my conditions and examined my x-rays and MRI. Paul and his staff began specific and targeted therapy for my condition. After several weeks of intense treatment I was able to slowly resume my exercise and sports activity. I was provided training and access to their gym and instruction for targeting and regaining my strength and mobility. I was also instructed on methods to stretch, and utilize simple tools for home use to stay on top of my joint mobility and range of motion exercises.
Since that first series of visits, I have been able to resume all my previous activities. I’m able to enjoy swimming, surfing, snow skiing and variety of sports activities pain free. I still make visits to Pacific Therapy to maintain my activity levels with sequential tune up visits.
I strongly recommend Pacific Therapy for anyone who has suffered an injury, accident or muscle or skeletal conditions associated with the aging process that has left them in some form of pain and or unable to perform the activities that they enjoy.

Brian A.

To the staff of Pacific Therapy , I would like to sincerely thank you for the splendid job you have done assisting me with my recent  rehab assignments at your physical therapy center.

Your personalized services went far beyond what I’d hoped for, and I’m very grateful for all the timely and terrific results that I have benefited from.  Thank you again.

John H.

Pacific Therapy clients receive the very best in all around care and treatments! Due to scoliosis, age related joint degeneration, and sports injuries, I have been a client at Pacific Therapy intermittently for years. The front desk staff understands unique therapy needs and personal appointment schedules. They’re communicative and patient, and especially helpful with insurance or billing related issues. Both the therapy aides and physical therapists are highly trained caring professionals, gentle, and likeable as friends. They’re consistently concerned and encouraging  about patient well-being, in spite of sometimes physically demanding therapy sessions.
I so appreciate that my therapist really engages my cooperation beyond physical exercises, with feedback and ideas to help me promote my own wellness and healing once I leave his office. Over the years, his individually crafted therapy plans have successfully met my needs and situations, taking my activity levels and preferences into account. I have a great deal of respect and confidence in the entire staff at Pacific Therapy.

D. Boydston

We have been coming to Pacific Therapy for about 23 years. Paul Eddy has been our therapist and we cannot say enough good things about him. He has always been able to work with whatever specific needs or injuries we have had and he is extremely knowledgeable and competent and very professional. The facilities at Pacific Therapy are very well managed, clean and the aides and front desk staff are very pleasant and helpful. In short, we highly recommend Pacific Therapy!!!!

S. & L. Sylvers

Following my low back surgery (decompression laminectomy  and stenosis ) performed by Dr. Abou-Samra,  I attended the pool therapy program. I had improved cardiovascular fitness, better leg strength and balance. My overall flexibility is greatly improved. I would recommend pool therapy both before and after surgery to have a better result from the procedure.

Pool patient at Santa Paula location

My mother has enjoyed the warm water environment, allowing ease of movement with the lack of gravity effect on her joints. Now she benefits having some resistance training which feels easier in the water.  Very nice facility and a great staff!

Pool patient at Santa Paula location