Our Services


Care is delivered by our compassionate therapy staff.
As costs for health care, such as co-pay amounts, continue to rise patients deserve care that is sensitive to the overall costs of the care delivered. Patients seen at Pacific Therapy have an average of 7 visits from initial evaluation to discharge, far fewer than our competitors.

Pacific Therapy: 7 visits
Our competitors: 12+

Average co-pay: $30/visit
Savings of $150+

With the additional measured high outcomes, it’s a double value receiving care at Pacific Therapy.


Staff specialties include certifications in manual therapy (AAOMPT), orthopedics (OCS), speech and language pathology (SLP) and vestibular treatment techniques. Pilates-based physical therapy is available by a certified instructor.

We have many clinical specialties integrated into our practice, allowing access to all the care requirements patients need in one location. Our specialty services include:

• Neurological disorder & injuries
• Vestibular & Balance
• Speech Therapy
• Fitness Programs
• Weight Control
• TMJ Disorders

• Body composition testing
• Sports therapy
• Injury prevention
• Spine rehabilitation
• Post-surgery rehabilitation
• Headache / Facial Pain

• Pediatrics: Plagiocephaly, Torticollis


Pacific Therapy maintains the highest standard in its rehab equipment and facilities. Our clinics are kept in a clean, organized fashion utilizing equipment that is safe for both our patients and our staff. The following is a list of our facility and equipment items.

Therapy modalities: electrical stimulation (home and clinic models), ultrasound, interferential, iontophoresis.

Cardio exercise: treadmill, recumbent and upright stationary bikes, upper body ergometer, Stairmaster, NuStep.

Strength equipment: Cybex, Eagle isotonic equipment, free weights, Total Gym.

Traction/decompression therapy: spine traction, inversion units.

Body composition testing: bio-impedance body composition analysis.

Aquatic Therapy program (Santa Paula location).