Staci Holloway

Staci Holloway


Staci has worked at Pacific therapy since 2011. She received her bachelor’s degree in biological science from Cal Poly Technical University, San Luis Obispo and her Masters in Physical Therapy from Western University of Health Sciences. Staci currently serves as Pacific’s lead aquatic physical therapist as well as seeing orthopedic, pediatric and neurologic patients in our Ventura location.

Staci maintains an active lifestyle with her two sports oriented sons and husband Chris who is a certified orthotist within our community.

Staci approaches physical therapy with an open mind and sees patients as a whole person not just as a diagnosis. She enjoys helping people reach their goals and stay active in their daily lives. Her interest in physical therapy began after watching her father recover from a severe auto accident. By attending the physical therapy sessions with her father, she began to appreciate that physical therapy would be her future profession.

She enjoys the atmosphere at Pacific therapy because as she states, “…the staff is invested in helping others live up to their full potential”.